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About the Founders

Tatiana Rubin

Hi I’m Tatiana Rubin I have 20+ years of business experience with a visual communications degree from FIDM. Art has always made its way into my life in various forms from apparel to home decor. As a visual designer I like using natural tones with my approach to detail and style. As a mother my goal is to build a brand to inspire other mother’s and help you bring out your most confident self through style and help you create a good visual closet set up. 



Jennifer Padilla 

I always knew I was a creative person. I love everything about the arts and art comes in many different ways of expression. For me it is fashion. Fashion is something I am extremely passionate about and I always knew this was my path to pursue. I wanted to build a brand that reflects on my own personal and professional experiences. It has been a long journey to get to where I am now but worth every minute.


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